Milk Link is to pump £20m into its Lockerbie Creamery, enabling it to produce an extra 12,000 tonnes of cheese a year.

The investment will allow Milk Link to increase production to over 37,000 tonnes of cheese per year, with Lockerbie becoming the largest dairy processing site in Scotland.

Milk Link CEO Neil Kennedy said he anticipated the additional cheese would go primarily to existing customers looking for greater volumes of cheese. It would also support Milk Link’s plans to expand its Lockerbie Creamery Cheddar brand next year, he added. “We think we’ve got a great opportunity here to go out with a strong new message.”

Funding is already in place from Milk Link’s banking syndicate. The ­investment will mean an additional 120m litres of milk flows through the site per year, and Milk Link will ­recruit about 100 new dairy farmers to supply it.