It's a new cheese on the UK scene but is rapidly carving a reputation for itself among lovers of sophisticated fare. Isigny-Sainte-Mère is the principal importer of mature Mimolette, launched in the UK a year ago and available in Sainsbury. It has proved a great success, according to the Normandy co-operative, and is set to gain distribution in some speciality cheese shops shortly as well. Export sales director Marc Chiron said UK volumes were building fast with sales already double what had been forecast at the start. Long maturation is one of the philosophies of Isigny, and Mimolette is offered either as 12 months old or 18 months old. From a distance this hard cheese bears a resemblance to a melon slice, having a brown skin and bright orange colour created by the natural colourant anatto. It is rich and strong in flavour, not unlike parmesan. The variety is also made in Flanders and Brittany and is sometimes known as Boule de Lille. In the French market the Isigny offering is the only one to carry the Label Rouge. {{CANNED GOODS }}