Pringles is embarking on an assault on the everyday crisps and snacking category by launching a mini-version in single portion packs, in what it claims is the biggest launch in the market for years.
Hitting the shelves on September 12, Mini Pringles are smaller versions of the standard crisp that will propel the brand into the on-the-go snacking arena for the first time.
They will be available in the three top-selling variants - Original, Sour Cream & Onion and Salt & Vinegar.
Single 23g packs retail at 29p with packs of five for £1.18 and a 10-pack for £2.09.
Procter & Gamble believes that Mini Pringles can top the first-year performance of rival
Walkers Sensations, one of the most successful crisp launches of recent times.
Vincent Barnes, brand marketing manager at Pringles, said: “We expect to beat Sensations in year one. We know it’s going to be big.”
According to Walkers, the brand was worth £69.5m in sales in its first year in 2002 [IRI 52 w/e June 14, 2003]. Barnes said Pringles had not until now targeted all snacking occasions.
“Pringles has always played into the large sharing category,” he added.
“Now we are focusing on lunchtime usage and on-the-go snacking. The move will take us into the total crisps and snacks category.”
The mini format contains 20% less fat than the regular product to appeal to parents for their children’s lunchboxes and consumers who just want a lighter snack.
Television commercials supporting the launch will break from the start of September running through to November as part of a £2m marketing campaign and will be “radically different” to the usual Pringles ads, said Barnes.
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Stefan Chomka