Molson Coors is launching a convenience store loyalty scheme called My Cold Beer Club to help smaller stores compete with the mults.

The Carling brewer is investing £2m in the initiative, which will reward retailers actively promoting cold beer sales. Providing consumers with beers at serving temperature was a way for c-stores to differentiate themselves from supermarkets, it said.

A team of 35 field staff from Molson will make 30,000 visits to stores this year to advise retailers on raising the profile of cold beer. Retailers who join and increase their Molson Coors offering will receive free PoS material and promotional gifts. The scheme was trialled earlier in the year, Molson said, adding that the recruitment push would start this week.

Meanwhile, new quarterly results for the brewer showed that UK underlying pre-tax sales have fallen 11.1% to £20.5m.