More pressure on the lamb market appears likely as a new entrant into the sheepmeat export trade begins establishing a customer base on the continent. Producer controlled Farmers Fresh announced on Monday it had struck a deal with Claude Thieblemont, probably the best known French wholesale buyer of UK lamb. British livestock producers have a patchy record in meat marketing, but the new Farmers Fresh venture is a spin-off from Farmers Ferry, which has shocked domestic market traders with the success of its live export business. An equally successful meat export operation could increase the already severe raw material cost strain on processors serving the home market. Thieblemont's Ovimpex wholesaling company procures meat for supermarkets across France, and he complimented Farmers Fresh on its determination "to understand our requirements and deliver carcases that suit our market outlets"" Farmers Fresh chief executive David Owen indicated he was developing partnerships with other companies across Europe: "We have found outlets for a full range of sheepmeat products." {{MEAT }}