Mornflake cereal with milk

The new pots are rolling into Waitrose next week

Mornflake is looking to bring “ultra convenience” to the breakfast market with cereal pots that don’t need milk added to them.

Rolling into Waitrose next week, Mornflake Superfast pots contain cereal and dried skimmed milk powder, so the consumer only has to add water before eating. Available in four variants - raisin, honey & almond granola; sultana & apple oatbran flakes; fruit & fibre; and fruit & nut muesli (rsp: £1.29) - the pots come with an integrated spoon.

“The pots offer the convenience of a dry ambient product, which is turned into a ready-to-eat fresh-tasting bowl of cereal and milk at the turn of a tap,” said marketing manager Richard Jones, predicting that the “game-changing” range would appeal to the 26% of Brits who skipped breakfast [Canadean Custom Solutions].

However, Joe Goyder, senior consultant at branding agency The Value Engineers, said consumers were already catered for by other cereal pots, cereal bars, fruit and breakfast biscuits, and that his company’s research suggested people didn’t like powdered milk.

“Having said that,” he added, “although consumers may say they don’t need a product that replaces a meal that’s simple to source and make, they often go against this in favour of convenience and speed. If the product is high quality and meets or exceeds taste expectations, this should be strong enough to drive repeat purchase.”

Mornflake said it was in talks with other retailers about listings.