It’s not a ready meal and it’s not a dinner kit - or not as we know it.

The Dinner Made Easy range differs from regular meal kits by containing all the ready-prepared ingredients needed to create a dinner, rather than just specific parts of the meal.

Available now exclusively from Morrisons, each kit takes just 20 minutes to cook. The eight-strong range consists of dishes from Spain, India, Thailand, China and the UK, such as a Sweet Chilli Prawn with Noodles, Red Thai Chicken Curry with Rice and a Chicken & Chorizo with Rice (rsp: £6 for a pack serving two).

Positioned as a more hands-on option than a ready meal, the range is targeted at consumers who “lack the time and skills to cook from scratch, but who still want to feel part of the cooking process”, the retailer said.

“Dinner Made Easy provides the 12% of Brits who feel stressed about preparing a meal, and the 25% who claim they are too busy, with a quick and easy meal that is partly homemade,” said Morrisons ready meals buyer Hannah Munns. “A massive 98% of British adults believe cooking is an essential skill but one in 10 claim they have never been shown basic cooking skills.”

Dinner Made Easy is manufactured by Cargill, and carries a £5 promotional launch price.

The dinner kit concept has had mixed fortunes in the UK, with Unilever’s Rocket and Leaping Salmon brands axed in 2004.

Meanwhile, Morrisons is adding a more traditional four-strong meal kit range to its own-label portfolio in flavours such as Korma Curry and Moroccan Tagine (rsp: £1.98).