Two new stores and three refits pepped up our weekly shop. Tesco, Carlton, was being refurbished to make room for food to go, a new fish counter and new freezers. However, stocks were low, especially in the freezers where turkeys and Christmas food elbowed out the standard lines. Sainsbury's refit meant stocks were being run down, while Safeway's caused hardly any disruption. Morrisons' first Welsh store at Barry had just opened and our shopper was impressed by its well stocked shelves and Hallowe'en display. It offered many incentives, such as a free chicken if you spent a minimum of £30, and a £3 voucher towards the following week's shop. The new Morrisons at Eccles offered a free bottle of wine to shoppers who spent £30-plus. Eight-rasher bacon packs was the only missing line, but the multiple's HQ confirmed that new packs are being introduced. This week's deals included Tesco's 30p off Jacob's Creek wine, Asda's 25% extra free on McCain's Home Fries, plus Safeway's half price Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Asda and Morrisons checked in the only full baskets, and Asda had the cheapest at £38.43. Morrisons, however, had the best buy in peeled prawns which we added to our list for National Seafood Week. {{GROCER 33 }}