Morrisons is considering extending its rare breeds programme to lamb after the introduction of traditional breeds of beef helped boost sales.

Morrisons started selling beef from Shorthorn, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle on its butchery counters last October. It claims the move led to a 30% increase in overall meat counter sales.

It has since introduced rare breed pork, launching pork from Berkshire pigs in January, and rare breed lamb could be next, the retailer said. “We are looking into the possibility of extending our rare or traditional breed scheme to lamb,” a spokesman said. “We didn’t do this at first due to limited availability.”

Lamb breeds sold by Morrisons in future might include pedigree Suffolks and Scotch Mules, which are already being farmed at the retailer’s Dumfries House farm in Scotland.

Morrisons is already selling some organic lamb, launched when it converted its Kirkstall lab concept store to its new format in October 2010. It currently sells it on the butchery counters in its Stores of the Future.

The only major retailer to stock British lamb all year, it claims, Morrisons is also unique in processing it at its own abattoirs.