Serial makeover merchant Morrisons has made cereals the subject of its latest own-label overhaul.

The supermarket is adding a new range of breakfast cereals and snack bars, as well as updating the packaging for its existing lines.

“Fun, energetic characters and designs” have been added, Morrisons said, while greater prominence will be given to health-based messages such as ‘Contains whole grains’ and ‘High in fibre’.

Among the new lines are Choco Cookies, Nutty Chocolate Clusters and Incredibly Fruity Muesli.

“We’ve made huge strides to improve the quality of our cereals,” said cereal buying manager Dan Povey. “Whether it is mums wanting to make sure they are offering their children the best start to the day or commuters looking for a quick snack on their way to work, there is something for everyone.”