Safeway is hoping gas powered lorries could mean an end to delivery curfews in built up areas. The multiple took delivery this week of the first of 40 compressed natural gas powered lorries, the first to be converted and recycled from its diesel vehicle fleet. CEO Carlos Criado-Perez said the lorries were considerably quieter and their gas engines less polluting. "At the moment delivery curfews mean we cannot deliver in the evening, so our lorries are on the roads during the busiest times. We want to get the government to work alongside us to look at what solutions we can come up with." Criado-Perez said changing the curfews would mean more efficient deliveries, fewer lorries on the road and less congestion. Safeway's rail strategy also took another step forward, opening a new railway line into its Coventry distribution depot. The company recently received the Queen's Award for enterprise for its innovative rail freight strategy. Supply director Lawrence Christensen said it was now looking at ways to use rail transport for importing goods. {{NEWS }}