Morrisons continues to improve and this week claims the top of the chart forcing Tesco down to number two.

In Morrisons no one category dominates however buy-one-get-one free offers are extensively used throughout and are supported by other multibuy offers. Sainsbury remains stable at number three while Safeway moves up one place to fourth position with a strong alcoholic drinks section and price promotions dominating.

The category chart is stable for the second week running, with four non-movers.

Alcoholic drinks has however increased its lead at the top of the chart and now stands six percentage points ahead.

There is just one new entry - frozen which comes straight in at number two. Bogof offers are widely used in the frozen category and its success is supported by the activity on Birds Eye, McCain and Young’s.

Walkers continues at the top of the brand chart for the second consecutive week maintaining its lead of four percentage points. Nestlé, however, begins to put pressure on as it moves up two places to number two with lots of activity in the cereals category with displays on gondola ends.

Kellogg’s, Stella Artois, Müller and Cadbury all move down the chart while elsewhere there are four new entries. Birds Eye is the highest new entry this week coming straight in at number three while the other new entries include Batchelor’s, Colgate and Princes.

In the own label category chart soft drinks moves up one place to take the top spot, forcing household down to second place.

Frozen moves up two places this week to number three and culinary comes in as a new entry at number five.