Neil James Cotterell

Source: G’s Fresh

Over 120 colleagues paid their respects to their ‘friend and long-term colleague’ on 29 December

Staff at G’s Fresh have gathered to remember the company’s supply chain director Neil Cotterell, who died on 2 December after a long battle with cancer.

Over 120 colleagues at the veg supplier paid their respects to their “friend and long-term colleague” on 29 December.

The company said he “will always be a valued member of the G’s family and will be sorely missed”.

Cotterell had worked with G’s for more than 17 years in total, first at its Leafy Salads factory until 2005 and, after a short break, again from 2008, leading its supply chain and logistics teams.

He established and developed the direct supply logistics model from Spain into UK supermarket depots, delivering fresh produce faster and fresher.

“I decided to look up the dictionary definition of the word legend and in the case of Neil, the word legend refers to an individual that has excelled in a particular field,” said said G’s Fresh COO Kuldip Kular.

“In Neil’s case it has all been about setting up an infrastructure almost from scratch of trucks coming directly from suppliers (not just G’s) in Spain into the depots of retailers.”

He was also key to preparations for Brexit for the company.

His team is now responsible for moving over 400 trucks per week out of Spain, and the customs clearance required to do so.

Kular added that managers at Tesco and Sainsbury’s had “described that what Neil has done is a complete game-changer for logistics out of Spain”.

“There is no higher accolade than that which is given by your customers,” he said.