Free-from supplier Genius has defended the price of gluten-free bread after the products came under fire in the Houses of Parliament.

During a debate on coeliac disease, MP Gordon Banks said gluten-free bread cost 833% more than standard. "Tesco's website states an 800g loaf of [Tesco Value] white sliced bread can be bought for 47p, which is 6p per 100g. What does a loaf of [Tesco own-label] gluten-free bread cost? £2 for 400g, which is 50p per 100g."

However, MP Anne Begg praised supermarkets for providing gluten-free, adding that she had seen "a real difference" in availability in the past four years.

Genius has since responded to Banks' statement, pointing out the different make-up, scale, ingredients costs and complexity involved in producing gluten-free bread.