Branded yogurt market leader Müller is aiming for a foothold in the growing probiotic sector with this week's launch of Vitality ­ three flavours of premium single- serve low fat probiotic yogurt. The range comes in raspberry, apricot and pineapple flavours and is aimed at health conscious women. Its launch will be supported by press advertising in October and November editions of women's and retailer magazines and weekend newspaper supplements. Sampling will run across major multiples. Müller aims to use its brand name to attract more mainstream consumers than have previously bought into the probiotic sector. Managing director Ken Woods said the product brought "confidence, satisfaction and, most importantly, taste to the probiotic yogurt and drink sector". Müller has backed its range with a £10m spend this year. It values the sector at £47m, with growth of 175% year on year. Vitality will be available in display outers of six of one flavour. Rsp: 45p, 175g. {{P&P }}