Müller hopes to corner the market for healthier dairy products with the launch of a new range in April.
Healthy Balance products follow Müller’s popular Fruit Corner format, but with a greater emphasis on healthy eating. The probiotic yogurt contains 1.7% fat and 10% less sugar than the traditional range.
According to Müller, Healthy Balance is designed to offer a more indulgent alternative to its Müllerlight brand and appeal to fans of the Corner format. The range is available in black
cherry, pineapple/passion fruit/ papaya and Tropical Crunch.
MD Andrew Harrison said the launch was designed to tap into the growing demand for healthy yet indulgent products. “There is clearly a focus on health, diet and obesity and a move towards indulgence and convenience.
“The great thing about short-life dairy products is that of all the categories, this truly hits the epicentre of these trends.”