Müller has launched a range of pudding-based yoghurts under its Müller Light banner.

The Inspired By range rolling out now consists of New York Style Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake variants, both combining yoghurt with cake pieces and priced 54p for a 165g pot or £2.96 for a six-pack containing three of each variant. In line with the core Müller Light brand, the range is fat-free and contains 99 calories per pot.

It would allow consumers to enjoy the taste of favourite desserts without compromising on healthy eating, said Jonathan Dee, interim marketing director at Müller.

"Research shows 'sweet break' is the biggest opportunity within snacking. It accounts for almost a fifth of snacking occasions, and there's a lot more yoghurt manufacturers could do to encourage consumers to reach for a yoghurt rather than a biscuit, cake or chocolate bar."

Dee said he expected Inspired By to replicate the success of its Müller Light with Chocolate Sprinkled range, which has generated £26m in sales between its launch in December 2008 and 15 May 2010 [Nielsen].

"Inspired By takes the Müller Light brand a step further into the more traditional dessert sector and we expect first-year sales to reach £15m."

Inspired By will be supported by a £1.5m marketing campaign, part of the £7m earmarked for the total Müller Light brand this year.

Dee admitted Müller was reviewing its struggling Amoré range, which had suffered a 12.4% year-on-year sales slump, according to Nielsen figures to the end of 2009, but said there were no plans to scrap the indulgent products.