Müller is looking to boost Müllerlight sales by targeting consumers with new year blues for its biggest-ever on-pack promotion.

The dairy giant will be giving away £1,000 to one consumer every day for 72 days from 20 December.

The 'win a £1,000 shopping spree every day' promotion which will be advertised on 70 million packs will also be backed by a £2.5m campaign. It comes as sales of Müllerlight are down 5.9% to £131.1m [Nielsen MAT 2 October].

Thirty-second TV ads, which will break on 27 December, will run for six weeks and feature a young woman shopping on a street filled with designer clothes shops. As she takes out a pot of Müllerlight, items in the windows magically transfer on to her or bags appear in her hands.

The campaign aimed to deliver a feelgood message at a time when shoppers were worried about bills amid bleak weather, said a spokeswoman.