Müller is aiming to cream off extra sales for its new Müllerlight 'Inspired by...' range with a new £1.5m campaign.

A TV ad, which hits screens next week, shows three female friends lost in their own dreamworld as they enjoy the fat-free yoghurts, which come in Strawberry Cheesecake and New York Style Cheesecake flavours. Set in a museum cafeteria, the women are oblivious to a chaotic scene unfolding around them as they enjoy the yoghurts.

Press, cinema and outdoor ads all with a similar 'lose yourself' theme are also set to feature in the three-month campaign, part of a £7m spend for Müllerlight this year.

Sales data from Kantar had shown that more than four million pots of Müllerlight 'Inspired by...' had been sold within the first four weeks of their June launch, said Jonathan Dee, interim marketing director at Müller Dairy.