Poultry leaders have persuaded the major multiples to back a British chicken weekend.
Running on April 2 and 3, the £200,000 promotion will involve dedicated labelling, discounting and magazine advertising.
The campaign was devised by British Chicken Marketing, which is made up of poultry farmers’ and processors’ representatives.
The body has produced a new logo combining the little red tractor and a Union Jack, published here for the first time.
Tesco will produce and fund 50p-off vouchers for fresh chicken, to be distributed in its stores in the two weeks running up to the weekend.
It will also produce special labelling, which could include the freshly designed logo as well
as BCM’s new slogan: ‘Roast it, grill it, eat it, love it!’ Tesco will also donate advertising space in its customer magazine.
Asda is said to be keen to get involved, while Sainsbury has also pledged its support. News of
the promotion, and the warm welcome it has received in the retail sector, is evidence that the poultry industry is hitting the right notes among retailers.
It is understood that Asda staff congratulated BCM for its “consumer-facing” approach when they met to discuss the campaign. The inference was clearly that other sectors in agriculture tended to focus too much on the issues concerning farmers rather than those pre-occupying the public.
BCM, which has an annual budget of £500,000 from a voluntary industry levy, also plans a barbecue roadshow in May and June. One retailer, believed to be Tesco, has already promised to sponsor the roadshow and allow it to visit 18 of its larger stores.
A senior source at BCM said that he hoped the new logo and slogan would become as widely recognised as the Lion mark on eggs, which commands high awareness rates.
Richard Clarke