All sales figures from Information Resources unless otherwise stated, are for the year ending April 21, 2002. Types of store shown in brackets. l Bread and Morning Goods Warburton's Bake n' Share A six-strong range of sociable' meal accompaniments Launched: April, 2001 Our one and only casualty, the range was a victim of its own success here, as own label sharks knew a good thing when they saw one and followed suit. l Confectionery (sugar) Masterfoods' Harry Potter sweets Based on sweets described in JK Rowling's books, they currently include Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, chocolate frogs and Sherbert Lemons Launched: July 2001. Sales: Beans £2.6m, Chocolate Frogs £3.6m (grocery and impulse outlets) While the individual products have performed respectably, Masterfoods needs to make more of a licensing deal that cost it millions. l Frozen Heinz Pizza Pleasure A pizza range aimed at adult sharers Launched: September 2001 Sales: £4.8m (multiples) The range has struggled since launch as consumers didn't perceive it as offering anything different. A relaunch is already planned. l Petfood Procter & Gamble's Iams dog and cat food A comprehensive range with many added health benefits Launched: April 2001 Sales: £34.6m (multiples) The sales total is impressive but with a £28m marketing launchpad to justify, the brand still needs to work harder. l Soup Baxter's Fresh Soups Launched: May, 2001 Sales: £3.1m (all outlets) Despite its unquestionable heritage in canned soup, Baxters has had to fight to get listings in a sector dominated by own label and a highly innovative specialist. {{FEATURES }}