A new £5m marketing campaign for Pampers Baby Dry nappies will focus on the range's improved fastening and new koala' fit. The full range revamp follows extensive research with parents and includes double leg elastic to prevent leakage. A 30% larger waistband carries a size indicator and sports one of six different animal cartoon characters designed by toy manufacturer Fisher-Price. The designs are symmetrical so the nappy can be balanced to give a better fit. Prices will stay the same. The koala design, which also features on packaging, has been chosen as the brand symbol because of the animal's cuddly' image. Instore from Monday (July 1), the brand will be backed by tailored promotions. New TV and radio ads, together with ads in parenting and instore titles will follow. The campaign also includes PoS, direct mail, sampling, roadshows, instore demonstrations and competitions. {{P&P }}