Nestlé UK is considering launching an inquiry into how Brazilian-sourced Nescafé Original is ending up on the shelves of UK retailers.
The coffee is being distributed by Leicester-based wholesaler Crown Crest. Outlets selling the 200g jars include discounter Frozen Value, at its Jack Fulton stores in the north of England, which are selling the coffee for £1.79 - almost half the recommended UK retail price of £3.49.
The coffee is different to its UK equivalent, as it has been designed to match Brazilian tastes, said Nestlé. Packaging details are written in Portuguese, yet Crown Crest claims it is managing to bypass The Food Standards Agency’s Labelling Regulations 1996 by sticking small English labels with the essential details at the base of jars.
A spokeswoman for Nestlé said: “Nestlé will take action where appropriate, but for commercially sensitive reasons we would not divulge what this may involve.”
Kevin Gunter, MD of Frozen Value, said: “We source from a buyer with distribution rights to the UK. We are able to buy well and pass reduced prices on to our customers.”