Celebrating the launch of new Nesquik Magic Straws, The Grocer is giving readers the chance to win this exciting new Nesquik product that magically flavours milk into a delicious milkshake.

The clear plastic drinking straws contain Nesquik beads that whizz up through the straw and ingeniously turn ordinary milk into a tasty Nesquik drink. You can even slurp at different speeds to get a different intensity of flavour - you won't believe it until you try it!

The fun and magical element of Nesquik Magic Straws appeals to kids, while mums will be impressed by the convenience and ease of use the product offers.

Initial indications show that Nesquik Magic Straws will be a huge hit and a supporting

£3m campaign, including TV advertising, is designed to make this one of the most successful launches of the year.

Nesquik Magic Straws are available in packs of ten (rrp: £1.85) and packs of four (rrp:89p).

The first ten names drawn

will each win one case of Strawberry Magic Straws 4-pack and one case of Strawberry Magic Straws 10-pack.

Tick that box now!