Nestlé is ploughing £10m into a football-themed cash giveaway for Kit Kat twice the budget of the brand's 2006 World Cup activity.

From 12 April, packs of Kit Kat four-finger, Chunky and Chunky Caramel are to feature a 'Cross Your Fingers' flash. Consumers will have the chance to win £1,000 every day from 3 May to 11 July by going online and entering a unique code found on the packs.

Nestlé said the move was its largest investment in a promotion and will benefit from the company's biggest-ever digital campaign, TV ads from April to July and in-store PoS.

Kit Kat's 2006 World Cup promotion gave consumers the chance to win a replica 1996 shirt and resulted in a 16% sales hike for four-finger and a 38% boost for Chunky. Nestlé said research since that promotion had shown that cash was considered the most motivating prize and drove the highest levels of consumer participation.

Meanwhile, Warburtons is launching an on-pack World Cup promotion next month across new limited-edition packs of eight sliced white rolls.

The text message campaign, which will also feature on its existing 12-packs of rolls, offers the chance to win World Cup-themed party packs, including HD TVs, DVD recorders, games consoles and barbecues.

"During the last World Cup, sales of wrapped rolls peaked during the finals and since then nothing has driven rolls sales as high," said Warburtons category director Martin Garlick.