Booker and Comic Relief are taking on the big chocolate brands with the launch of their own (separate) chocolate countlines. Booker has entered the ring with four new own label impulse bars. Caramel Choc-Full is soft nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. Peanut Choc-Full is soft nougat, caramel with peanuts and milk chocolate. Passion is white coconut covered in milk chocolate, and Delight is whipped nougat covered in milk chocolate. The launch promotion offers a free case of Delight when retailers buy one case of each of the other three. Booker's marketing director Steven Sharp said: "We're convinced the new bars will offer our independent retail customers a credible alternative to the big brands in terms of quality. And when it comes to profitability, they'll certainly give the big brands a run for their money with a profit on return of over 30%" Separately, Comic Relief has teamed up with The Day Chocolate Company (which makes Divine fair trade chocolate) to produce a new fair trade chocolate line. Aimed at raising awareness of fair trade among UK consumers, the new chocolate bar (whose brand name is still to be announced) will be targeted at young people who are the biggest chocolate eaters and most active supporters of Comic Relief. It is intended for the bar, launched later this year, to have nationwide distribution in supermarkets and c-stores by 2001. {{MARKETING PRODUCTS }}