aduna super cacao

African-inspired health food brand Aduna is launching what it says is the first cacao powder to carry an EFSA-approved health claim.

Super-Cacao, which rolls out from 4 January, carries the text: ‘Source of cacao flavanols, which contributes to normal blood pressure, cardiovascular health, blood circulation.’ The powder contains 200mg of cacao flavanols, a type of antioxidant, per 5g serving - about eight times the level of regular cacao.

The product will be available in 100g (rsp: £7.99), 200g (rsp: £13.99) and 275g (rsp: £14.99) packs in retailers including Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended, and through distributors including Tree of Life, CLF, Healthstore and Essential.

“High blood pressure is the number one health complaint in the UK, with one in three people affected,” said co-founder and MD Andrew Hunt. “Aduna Super-Cacao is the first cacao powder on the market to carry an EFSA-approved health claim for heart health, so this makes it big news. This is a superfood with scientifically proven health benefits and genuine mainstream appeal - and we are already seeing high levels of interest from the trade.”

Aduna’s existing range includes powders and energy bars based on ‘superfoods’ baobab and moringa.