Source: BrewDog

The brew is a 10% abv barley wine

BrewDog has launched a 10% abv beer designed to be aged for a decade.

The brew, called MMXXX, was designed “to either celebrate humanity coming together and getting our planet back on the right track” or to “toast the impending apocalypse”, according to the brand.

It was produced “to honour the commitments outlined by the IPPC giving the global community a deadline of 2030 to cut emissions by 45%”.

The beer itself is a barley wine, and is available directly from the brand’s website (rsp: £11.95/330ml).

“The only guarantee with this ale is that it’ll get better with age – what you’ll be drinking to in 2030 is down to humanity,” reads its entry on BrewDog’s website. “Sounds pretty damn sci-fi, but, the next decade is crucial – we need to cut global emissions by 45% in order to save our planet.”

BrewDog has become increasing vocal on the need for swift action on climate change over recent months. The brand, which which says it is now carbon negative, is currently splashing out on “a climate action programme of initiatives that represent over £30m worth of green investments”.

As well as MMXXX, BrewDog in January relaunched its popular Lost Lager beer with a new recipe “that puts the planet first”, using surplus bread provided by businesses local to the brewery, wind power from its turbines and a “new streamlined process used in the brewing process” it said used a third less water.

BrewDog’s stance on climate change has – like much of its public activity over recent years – proved controversial. In November, for instance, it drew the ire of the ad watchdog for billboard ads which read “F**k You CO2” on them in November.

BrewDog CEO James Watt responded by saying “the ASA can go f*** themselves”, in light of the “existential climate crisis”.