One of the trademarked terms is ‘Beet Balance’, hinting at a forthcoming beetroot-flavoured drink

Britvic looks to be readying a duo of new drink innovations in the UK.

The FTSE-listed soft drinks maker has applied to register the terms ‘Mango Sunshine’ and ‘Beet Balance’ with the intellectual property office.

The marks applied for cover a slew of classes and include trademark protection for everything from vitamin drinks and sports and energy drinks to herbal beverages and squashes.

It was not immediately clear what the NPD could entail, or which of its brands Britvic was looking to introduce new products on.

The term ‘beet’ could refer to sugar beet, a type of sugar produced from the root of a plant grown where it is too cold to produce sugar cane.

However, Britvic wrote in its 2022 annual report that “a significant proportion” of its sugar volume had moved from sugar beet to sugar cane, as beet was more carbon-intensive to process.

It is more likely, therefore, to be shorthand for beetroot. Britvic’s Plenish brand already sells a cold press juice with beetroot in it called Plenish Pump: Berry Beets Juice.

Britvic, however, refused to be drawn on its NPD plans.

“Britvic files a significant amount of intellectual property applications globally, in particular trademark applications,” a spokeswoman said. “There are many reasons why we might file trademark applications, including to protect a particular name or phrase which is associated with a current or potential future proposition.

“Not all of these applications result in a consumer-facing proposition and at this stage we have no further information that we can share.”