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Source: Crave

Free-from snack brand Crave has launched a duo of new nut-based chocolate products into Morrisons stores nationwide. 

Big Dipper is a snacking pot with mini breadsticks and a chocolate hazelnut dip, which is said to be “perfect for a touch of naughtiness” (rsp: £1.65/48g). 

Whereas Notella offers a “smooth chocolate hazelnut spread” and is billed as a “perfect staple for your cupboard, for toast or pancakes” (rsp: £3.50/225g).

Both are made with hazelnuts and dairy-free chocolate providing a “rich texture that melts in your mouth”. 

The vegan products contain no egg, milk or gluten.

“We’ve gone nuts and created two delicious and indulgent products that you can enjoy as part of a gluten-free or vegan diet,” said Crave founder Rob Brice. 

Last November Crave unveiled plans to expand into new categories after securing listings in Aldi for its crisps.

Brice, a former chef and food consultant, launched Crave in 2020 in a bid to create tasty allergen-free foods. 

He debuted a duo of free-from chocolate bars before developing Pickled Onion Monster Feet and Smokey Bacon Streakers snacks, which launched in Aldi in December 2021.