Source: Diageo

Diageo is touting the drink for its low-calorie credentials

Diageo has launched a non-alcoholic version of its posh gin brand Tanqueray.

The non-alcoholic spirit is billed as being made with “the same distinct blend of quality botanicals used in the making of Tanqueray London Dry gin” such as juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice.

“Individually immersed in water, the botanicals are heated and then distilled to deliver the complex yet refreshing taste that Tanqueray is famous for,” said the brand.

Diageo is touting the drink for its low-calorie credentials, as it comes in at only six calories per 50ml.

Shoppers were “increasingly making more conscious decisions about what they consume, but this doesn’t mean that they should have to compromise on taste or experience”, said Diageo GB marketing director Anita Robinson.

It rolls into Sainsbury’s this week ahead of a wider retail rollout from April onwards.

It’s the second of Diageo’s gin brands to be given a non-alcoholic makeover over recent months – December saw the spirits giant unveil Gordon’s 0.0.