Three cuts of pineapple and one tropical fruit mix variant will soon launch in smaller cans

Package fruit supplier Dole has relaunched and expanded its canned fruit offering with three cuts of its Tropical Gold Pineapple as well as a Tropical Fruit Mix, each sold in 227g cans.

Available to grocery and convenience retailers from August, the new range offers a margin of over 30% (rsp: £1/227g), according to Dole.

Tropical Gold Pineapple comes in slices, chunks and a new small chunk cut, while the new Tropical Fruit Mix contains pineapple, papaya and guava.

Households waste £728 of food a year

Love Canned Food stats claimed Brits could save £650 a year by switching to canned fruit, veg, beef and fish, while recent data showed pineapple was the UK’s preferred canned fruit [IRI MAT 52 w/e 17 June].

Households throw away £728 of food annually according to Wrap data. Fresh fruit, vegetables and salad account for over a third (34%) of waste food.

Cost of living increases have led consumers to seek money-saving solutions when it comes to their food shop, while a switch to canned could help households manage the volume of disposed food.

“This new 227g can range allows us to cater to various consumer needs and occasions,” said Dole Sunshine Company UK sales director Andrew Bradshaw.

“We know these kinds of ambient products are becoming increasingly popular with consumers as they not only offer good value, but increased flexibility and longer shelf lives, meaning less waste.”

Dole’s dietary supplements range

Media supporting the lunch includes geotargeted advertising, sampling, social, and in-store activations, Bradshaw added.

Dole meanwhile recently expanded its reach with the launch of dietary supplements range The Secret Nature of Fruit, revealed by The Grocer.

A lineup of four variants landed on shelves late last year as a vitamins and supplements segment challenger brand. No additions have been made to the range, which includes Beauty, Immunity, Energy and Focus.