Luxury retailers Hotel Chocolat, Harvey Nichols, Pierre Marcolini and Fortnum & Mason are going extravagant this Easter. Here’s our pick of the premium treats on offer

Fortnum & Mason

Ruby Chocolate Easter Egg

Source: Fortnum & Mason

Ruby Chocolate Easter Egg

Rsp: £35/315g

This delicate pink egg is a feast for ruby chocolate lovers. Inside the hand-painted shell is a selection of ruby chocolate truffles, which contain a soft caramel centre flavoured with Himalayan salt crystals.


fortnums easter egg (1)

Source: Fortnum & Mason

Sicilian Pistachio & White Chocolate Easter Egg

Rsp: £29.95/190g

Hand-crafted for the retailer by a family-run chocolatier in Tuscany, this green-hued egg features a white chocolate shell packed with Sicilian pistachios for a “rich and nutty” finish.


fortnums easter egg (4)

Source: Fortnum & Mason

Sicilian Almond & Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Rsp: £29.95/190g

Another nutty addition is this dark chocolate and almond egg, which is suitable for vegans. The “decadent” 71% cocoa shell may look plain, but the inside is coated with a layer of flaked Sicilian almonds for a “deliciously fragrant” surprise.


fortnum & mason easter coddled eggs

Source: Fortnum & Mason

Chocolate Ganache Coddled Easter Egg

Rsp: £19.95/210g

It’s coddled egg, but not as you know it. This indulgent treat features an orange oil truffle “yolk” submerged in white couverture chocolate ganache, flavoured with whisky cream. 


Hotel Chocolat


Source: Hotel Chocolat

Salted Caramel Hard-Boiled Egg

Rsp: £15/220g

This latest addition to Hotel Chocolat’s Hard-Boiled Egg collection is made from caramel milk chocolate, flavoured with French Guérande sea salt. The egg, which features a bold geometric design, joins flavours such as Mint, Ginger and Brownie in the range.



Source: Hotel Chocolat

Marmalade on Toast Egg Sandwich

Rsp: £10/135g

The retailer’s chocolate sandwich range is also getting a new recruit. This caramel chocolate treat is flavoured with tangy Seville orange, and contains crispy feuilletine to give it a “toasty crunch”.


Hotel chocolat

Source: Hotel Chocolat

Free From Soft Boiled Eggs

Rsp: £10/150g

These creamy, “meltingly delicious” eggs come in vegan Milk and Dark variants and feature a striking splattered egg design. Unlike the rest of the Soft Boiled range, which features Milk, Dark and White eggs with yellow cacao butter “yolks”, the pair are also gluten-free.


Harvey Nichols

Eggs with legs_web

Source: Harvey Nichols

Eggs with Legs

Rsp: £55 

Easter breakfast has never looked so fabulous. Available in Rose Edition (left) and Jewel Edition, these quirky hand-painted egg cups have been created for Harvey Nichols by ceramic designer Mary Rose Young. Once the hollow chocolate egg inside has been eaten, the cup can be used to add some glamour to any boiled egg and soldiers.


sunny side up toast_web

Source: Harvey Nichols

Sunny Side Up

Rsp: £8.95

Made exclusively for Harvey Nichols by Bath-based chocolatier Choc on Choc, these Sunny Side Up eggs are available on brown toast (120g) or with chips (160g). The realistic-looking treats are made from Belgian chocolate, so don’t go reaching for the ketchup.


choc scotch eggs

Source: Harvey Nichols

Scotch Eggs

Rsp: £7.95/160g

Also created by Choc on Choc is this selection of Scotch Eggs. This sweet take on the picnic favourite is made from milk and white Belgian chocolate, with a salted caramel fudge “yolk” in the centre.


get cracking_web

Source: Harvey Nichols

Get Frying

Rsp: £5.95/145g

Comprising a clear plastic egg full of retro fried egg gummy sweets, this gift pack is “perfect for hiding in the garden for an egg hunt”, according to Harvey Nichols. It is also available in a Get Cracking variant (rsp: £6.95/185g), which is filled with chocolate mini eggs.


Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini - The Big Rabbit with drawers

Source: Pierre Marcolini

Le Grand Lapin

Rsp: £139/1.15kg

Pierre Marcolini’s standout product combines two Easter favourites – a chocolate egg and bunny – in one showstopping creation. A white chocolate rabbit nestles inside a dark, cocoa-dusted egg, which stands on a set of two drawers. These are filled with a selection of treats including praline eggs and chocolate animals. The centrepiece is also available as a whopping 78cm version, called Le Lapin Extraordinaire (rsp: £1000/13kg).


Pierre Marcolini - Three Mini Rabbits

Source: Pierre Marcolini

Three Mini Rabbits

Rsp: £9.90/50g

Easter wouldn’t be complete without a chocolate bunny, especially one as stylish as Pierre Marcolini’s. Available in milk, dark or white chocolate, these rabbits are finished with delicate detailing, including a pink bow tie, and presented in a colourful case.


Pierre Marcolini basket of praline eggs

Source: Pierre Marcolini

Basket of Praline Eggs

Rsp: £16.90/146g

This pretty basket is the “ideal accessory” this Easter, according to the chocolatier. Available in a range of colours, the baskets contain an assortment of 12 miniature eggs and four chocolate animals, in flavours such as almond & sesame nougat and hazelnut praline.

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