filippo berio 100% virgin olive oil

Filippo Berio has become the UK’s biggest oil brand to launch a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil - intended to appeal to shoppers “with a more developed palate”.

The NPD has an rsp of £7.99 for 750ml, compared with the £5.48 for a bottle of the same size of the brand’s regular EVOO. This meant it offered “the quality and authenticity of a wholly Italian oil but without the premium price tag of a single estate product”, said Walter Zanré, ­managing director of Filippo Berio UK, the leading olive oil brand with value sales of £32.4m [IRI 52 w/e 27 February 2016].

The latest SKU aims to stand out on shelf by virtue of its single-country sourcing. Since January 2015, the brand’s standard EVOO has been sold as a blend, with countries of origin being Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia. This created the need for a 100% Italian product, according to Zanré. “With an ever-increasing demand for authentic Italian flavours and more and more interest in the provenance of foods, Filippo Berio 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent and perfectly-timed new addition.”

The new product had a taste profile that is “more robust and more in line with what an Italian consumer would expect from an extra virgin olive oil”, Zanré added. “As such, it will appeal to a consumer with a more developed palate.”