The growing space retailers are giving nuts, perceived as ‘healthier’ than crisps, has created something of a gold rush in the category and it’s generating plenty of premium NPD. Here’s our pick of the most innovative new bagged nuts hitting the market: 



Boundless Nuts & Seeds

RSP: £2.20/30g

Manufacturer: Boundless

Available in Cayenne & Rosemary, Tamari & Aleppo and Orange, Ginger & Maple, before they’re baked these seed and nut snack packs are “flooded” to start natural germination which the brand says ”unlocks their nutrients for better digestion”. They’re available from Whole Foods and Ocado. 

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Linwoods Active Nuts

Active Nuts

RSP: £3.99/50g-70g

Manufacturer: Linwoods 

According to the brand, these nuts are soaked to “reduce the natural bitterness of the nut” and then slow-dried which gives them a “light texture and feel”. Available in Organic Almonds, Organic Walnuts and Organic Walnuts with Apple, Cinnamon & Bio-Cultures from Whole Foods.

Drive Me Nuts


Drive Me Nuts

RSP: £1.99

Manufacturer: John Morley Importers

Not yet listed, these nut packs are specifically designed to be eaten in the car as a healthier alternative to crisps and confectionery. The pots, which sit securely in car cup holders, are available in four flavours Chocolate, Craberries & Pumpkin, Nutty Choc Orange, Cherry Bakewell and Totally Nuts. 


Munchy Seeds Salted Caramel


Munchy Seeds - Salted Caramel 

RSP: 70p/25g

Manufacturer: Lawncourt Harvest Ltd

The brand says this latest flavour will “appeal to health-conscious consumers looking for a sweet treat that’s both delicious and bursting with goodness.” The pumpkin and sunflower seed combination is available in single snack packs and in 120g pots, these seeds are suitable for vegans and are gluten and dairy free. Listed in Waitrose. 

Noisy Nuts

Noisy Nuts 

RSP: £3.00/95g

Manufacturer: Noisy Snacks

Created by former Boost Drinks N.I. marketing manager Noel Allen, these nuts are designed to pair with craft beer. Chilli and Lime pairs with IPA, Chilli and Beef pairs with Stout, Chocolate Orange pairs with Orange IPA and Pickled Onion pairs with Lager. Each pot comes with seasoning packs which allow consumers to choose how much, or how little, of the flavour they want to use. 

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