40316 Florette Korean Gochujang Slaw Top Beauty Render

Source: Florette

One of the three SKUs is Korean Gochujang (rsp: £1.80/ 215g) which is a blend of spices and chilli with carrot, red cabbage and red onion

Florette has launched a range of Gourmet Slaws to offer a fresh approach to coleslaw.

Three new products feature flavours from around the world, with south and east Asian-inspired dressings, plus “great textures and colours to grab shoppers’ attention at the chiller”.

The range has three SKUs designed to appeal to “all tastes” including Korean Gochujang (rsp: £1.80/ 215g), which is a blend of spices and chilli with carrot, red cabbage and red onion.

Also in the range is Indian Spiced (rsp: £1.80/195g) which contains a combination of Indian flavours and yoghurt mixed with cabbage and red onion, and Chinese Inspired (rsp: £1.80/180g), a mix of soy and ginger with white cabbage, carrot and red onion.

“Our new Gourmet Slaws, with their lightness and crunch, offer an entirely different eating experience,” said Natalie Allen, head of NPD at Florette. “The range moves slaw from the forgotten depths of the fridge to something that is highly versatile and can take centre stage on consumers’ plates.”

It launches into Sainsbury’s on 10 April, Booths on 15 April and Tesco on 6 May.

Each pot contains three to four servings and is suitable for vegetarians.

All packaging is recyclable, with the pots themselves made from FSC-sourced material.

“Florette Gourmet Slaws provides shoppers with the flavour led inspiration they want, delivering a ‘taste of adventure’ that will transform any meal,” said Allen.  

“This launch genuinely addresses a shopper need. Many coleslaws already on the market are bland, uninteresting, and often too heavy on the mayo. That’s where Florette steps in.”