Bedtime Bliss 2

Bedtime Bliss offered a blend of ‘dreamy chamomile and sweet rosehip’ according to Herbalistas

A new herbal tea brand called Herbalistas has been launched by the owner of Typhoo Tea.

Herbalistas’ five-strong range of teas is infused with plant adaptogens, nootropics and amino acids. They would “deliver a microdose of happiness in every cup”, Herbalistas said.

Targeted at “a new generation of young herbal explorers” aged 18 to 30, Herbalistas’ teas had been developed in response to rising stress in the UK, the brand said.

They have landed on Amazon and Ocado and the brand’s DTC website (rsp: £4.50/18 bag-pack).

The five teas are: Bedtime Bliss, Zen Time, Shine & Rise, Happy Place and Daily Restore.

Bedtime Bliss – a blend of “dreamy chamomile and sweet rosehip” was designed to “settle a racing mind and start the gentle evening wind down”, Herbalistas said.

Zen Time – a lightly caffeinated botanical blend infused with nootropics – would “stir up creativity, energy and ideas”, it added. 

Shine & Rise, meanwhile, combined “lemony ginger” and schisandra berries to “fire up a positive mindset from the get-go”.

Happy Place – a blend of mint, honey, hemp and ashwagandha – offered “a little escapism in a cup”.

And Daily Restore was made from apple cider, cinnamon and ashwagandha and would “restore and rebalance for a more grounded you”.

“Herbalistas stands for finding the little extra positives in every day,” said the brand’s ‘head of herbs’ Mike Brehme. “Our vision is to inspire a new generation of herbal explorers by connecting them to the holistic benefits of herbs and helping them to take a much-needed moment to pause.

“Put simply, it’s good stuff that does good stuff.”