Hey Like Wow!

A group of four entrepreneurs are aiming to shake up the soft drinks category with a new range of vitamin-enriched flavoured waters that use a packaging mechanism to combine the water and flavouring at the moment of consumption.

Hey Like Wow uses a special blast-cap design to combine the flavouring - a mixture of fruit extracts, vitamins and stevia - with natural mineral water by clicking the cap, which the brand said prevented deterioration of the vitamins, removing the need for preservatives.

The range includes 500ml (rsp: £2.49) and 250ml (rsp: £1.99) bottles, each with a different range of four flavours. The larger size, aimed at adults, comes in Hibiscus, Grape & Pear; Mango, Lime & Coconut; Lemon, Green Tea & Elderflower; and Pomegranate & Acai. The smaller SKUs are targeted at kids, and come in Apple, Pear & Lychee; Orange & Pineapple; Dragonfruit & Apple; and Mango & Passionfruit. All eight contain added vitamins B6, C and D, while the 250ml flavours also contain calcium.

The range is available to customers from this month; there are no listings confirmed, but the brand said it was in talks with major retailers.

Hey Like Wow was created by Essex-based friends Dean White, Neil Young, Don Cicone and Nick Bassi, who were frustrated by the lack of innovation in healthier soft drinks. None of the four, who have previously worked in construction, jewellery and children’s fashion, had any prior experience of the drinks industry. The brand identity was devised by food and drink innovation agency Bryt, and funding for the business comes from a number of silent shareholders.

The product is bottled in Italy and made with three production partners. Italian company Paradiso supplies the water used, which is sourced from the Austrian Alps. The vitamin mixes are produced by Biofarma, also an Italian company. The dosing sports cap used is made by Swiss manufacturer ViCap Systems.

“We have brought together some of the most dynamic players in the drinks manufacturing and cap technology industries to develop a range of products that look and taste great, but which have genuine health properties,” said the founders.

“We are proud to be able to launch a range that achieves everything we set out to do - no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, natural fruit flavourings, and added vitamins. These products really meet a market and consumer need. What is more, the experience of releasing the active ingredients through the blast-cap top makes people genuinely stop and say wow.”