Source: Holy Moly

Holy Moly Overnight Oats is made with almond milk

Holy Moly is moving into the breakfast category with a new plant-based overnight oats product.

The brand, which rose to prominence with its avocado dips, has created a ready-to-eat pot of overnight oats that is completely vegan, using almond rather than dairy milk.

The NPD is billed as providing “an incredibly convenient and satiating breakfast solution” which “doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition”. It is flavoured with a fruit purée of pineapple, mango, banana and passion fruit. Each pot is billed as containing fewer than 100 calories and of being free of added sugars and preservatives.

Holy Moly said the launch would allow it to “secure a slice of the global oatmeal market” by “tapping into the surging demand for innovative, oat-based instant breakfasts and snacks that complement busy lifestyles”.

It is the latest move outside its avocado heartlands for the brand, which last month unveiled a range of ready to drink ‘Nutshakes’ made with raw, unpasteurised almonds.

Holy Moly co-founder Tom Walker said the brand was “applying the same principles of innovation that delivered success for the business’ range of Dips and Nutshakes”.

“Our Overnight Oats will deliver a mainstream alternative to high-sugar and additive-laden options that dominate the breakfast-to-go sector,” Walker added.

The NPD hits Sainsbury’s this week (rsp: £1.75/125g).