Hovis artisanal inspired loaves

Source: Hovis

The loaves were made using ‘traditional sponge and dough methods, and slow fermentation’

Hovis has added a three-strong range of “artisanal inspired” premium loaves. Rustic White Bloomer, Rustic Seeded Bloomer and Rustic Granary Bloomer (rsp: £1.90/550g) will roll out from 4 September.

They were developed using “traditional sponge and dough methods, and slow fermentation”, which offered “enhanced flavour complexity and a soft texture”, said Hovis.

Unlike other bloomers on the market, they were baked in shallow trays, helping to yield a “traditional tapered and rounded shape with thick slices, generous end crusts and four distinctive diagonal cuts”.

The Seeded variant contains a blend of sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, millet seeds and golden linseed.

Granary, which will be available exclusively in Tesco, features cut wheat and rye for “an extra layer of flavour and texture”.

The innovations would bring “the charm and authenticity of independent bakery experiences directly to shopping aisles”, Hovis said.

The brand’s marketing director, Claire Parlour, added: “These loaves are more than just bread; they’re a testament to our dedication to delivering a truly authentic and more artisanal inspired experience.”

Hovis saw unit sales fall 11.6% in the year to 25 March 2023 [NIQ], as shoppers traded down.

In December, it launched value loaf Simple White (rsp: £1.19/800g) into Booker and Tesco to lure budget-conscious shoppers.