twinkies banana one use

US classic Twinkies is coming to the UK in two new flavours.

Exclusive importer and distributor Innovative Bites is bringing the cakes - which comprises soft sponge with a cream filling - to these shores in new variants banana and chocolate. 

They will be available in two formats: two-packs (rsp: £1.99) and a ten-pack (rsp: £7.50)

“Consumers’ insatiable appetite for all things American is growing, so it made perfect sense to bring Twinkies to the UK in new flavours too,” said Innovative Bites director Vishal Madhu. Twinkies are currently stocked in retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, WH Smith and Selfridges. Twinkies launched in 1930 and have made appearances in recent movies including Zombieland and The Last Man on Earth.