Casarecce High res

Source: Seggiano

Cavatappi and Casarecce are available to retailers now (rsp: 66p/100g)

Italian food supplier Seggiano has launched two organic loose pastas designed for retailer refill stations.

They are: Cavatappi and Casarecce (rsp: 66p/100g). 

Seggiano said it had spent four years developing the recipe for Cavatappi, a spiral-shaped tube gluten-free pasta which was “indistinguishable from a gourmet wheat pasta”.

It is made from organic rice and corn and with spring water from the Dolomite mountains.

Dried “low and slow for around 18 hours”, the pasta retained its nutritional integrity, making it “easily digestible without compromising on flavour and texture like many gluten-free products”, claimed Seggiano.

Casarecce, meanwhile, was a traditional short pasta with a “low gluten index”, made with Sicilian ancient grains and pure spring water from Mount Etna, it said.

Both pastas are vegan and contain no emulsifiers, binders, additives or enhancers.

They catered to several “key consumer trends: the growing interest in refillable products, the rise in demand for gluten-free and the renewed interest in less refined, easily digestible, ancient grains with sustainable credentials”, said Seggiano.

Additionally, they offered “exceptional gourmet taste… while still catering for those who need – or choose – to adopt a gluten-free or low-gluten diet”, it added.