smoothie bowls

Smoothie bowls have proved very popular with foodie users of Instagram

Kellogg’s looks set to cash in on the smoothie bowl craze with the introduction of Joyböl, a new brand of just-add-water smoothie pots.

The cereal giant has registered the Joyböl name as a trademark with the IPO under class 29, covering ready-to-eat breakfast meals, and class 30, which focuses on cereal-based snacks.

A website, launched last year after Kellogg’s registered Joyböl with the EU and US intellectual property offices, describes the smoothie bowls as ‘a delicious all-in-one blend, specially crafted with simple ingredients like whole grain granola clusters, nuts, seeds and fruits to deliver an explosion of flavour and crunch in every bite’. Consumers are instructed to ‘simply add water (or your favourite liquid)’ before eating.

Joyböl products are yet to go on sale anywhere in the world, but images on product discovery and review platform Influenster reveal three US variants in 2.1oz (60g) pots: Strawberry Almond Quinoa Crunch with Granola Clusters, Mango Coconut Chia With Black Rice & Pecans, and Superberries With Açaí With Granola Clusters.

The launch of Joyböl will tap the trend for breakfast smoothie bowls – typically handmade with frozen fruit and yoghurt or coconut milk, and ‘customised’ with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and/or cereal. They have proved extremely popular with foodie users of Instagram and Pinterest.

Kellogg’s would not be drawn on Joyböl, saying only that it regularly registered trademarks and had “no further details at this time.” However, The Grocer understands Joyböl’s UK launch could be confirmed as soon as the end of February.

It comes as Kellogg’s brands are facing mixed fortunes in the mults. Bestseller Crunchy Nut was up 7.7% in value sales last year while ‘healthy’ Special K plunged 21.1% [Nielsen 52 w/e 9 September 2017].