Garden Party

Kingsland Drinks has rolled out a new range of sparkling ‘fusion’ wines into Booths.

The range, called Garden Party, consists of two 9% abv drinks: Scottish Raspberry with a hint of Rhubarb and Sicilian Lemon with a hint of English Garden Mint flavours (rsp: £4.50/750ml or two for £8).

Many fusion brands were “continually being brought to market” but with “a similar look and feel” and “a perception as entry point products”, said Kingsland.

“The flavours are predominantly mainstream and are not targeting consumers interested in a more premium product or alternative flavours.”

The world of fruit wines has been undeniably dominated by Accolade Wines’ Echo Falls - supermarket sales of Echo Falls Fruit Fusions have grown £1.8m to £60.8m over the last year [Nielsen 52 w/e 21 April 2018].