Kit Kat Bites peanut butter variant

Kit Kat has unveiled a peanut butter variant for its Bites range and an on-pack promotion across its core lineup.

The NPD sees the Nestle snack’s praline layer replaced for the first time between the wafer, to tap the enduring demand for peanut butter flavours. The new variant comes six months after the launch of Bites, mini Kit Kat fingers in a 104g sharing pouch (rsp: £1.59).

Peanut butter had been a popular flavour for more than 10 years in the Chunky range, said Haseeb Rahman, Nestlé UK’s business unit head of KitKat & biscuits. “We are now very excited to bring it to Kit Kat Bites.”

The brand is also offering 1,000 opportunities every day to win a personalised four-finger Kit Kat. Shoppers who find a winning code on their pack can go online, and upload a photograph and message to receive their prize of their own design direct from Nestlé’s York factory. It comes complete with a gift box that doubles as a display frame.

The promotion, which will run for 56 days, is aimed at clawing back the 7.9% (£7.8m) slump in value sales suffered by Nestle’s flagship confectionery brand, which has seen volumes fall 9.9% [Nielsen 52 w/e 8 October 2016].