Liquid Death Iced Tea

Source: Liquid Death

In the US, Liquid Death’s Iced Tea roster includes flavours such as Grim Leafer and Rest In Peach

Trendy water brand Liquid Death appears to be gearing up to launch a range of iced teas in the UK.

The brand – which made its UK debut last year with a range of still and sparkling waters in cans – has registered to trademark its name under a Class 30 mark, covering tea-based beverages, iced tea and green tea.

A spokesman for Liquid Death said it would “always protect our brand in every market”.

“While we can’t comment on any launch plans, we know which SKUs have enjoyed massive success in the US and will always react to UK consumer demand,” the spokesman said. “Watch this space.”

In the US, Liquid Death already sells iced teas with names including Grim Leafer, Dead Billionaire and Rest In Peach. Grim Leafer and Rest in Peach were also both registered as trademarks by Liquid Death in the UK last year.

The iced teas are made from non-carbonated water, agave nectar, black tea, citric acid and natural flavour, and also contain vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Grim Leafer is an earl grey-style black tea flavoured with bergamot citrus, while Rest in Peach is a black tea flavoured with peach apricot and pear.

Dead Billionaire, meanwhile, is a mix of black tea and lemonade, and the only flavour to contain fruit juice from concentrate.

Speaking to The Grocer last year, Liquid Death CEO Mike Cessario hinted the brand was considering bringing its tea and other flavoured water variants over to the UK in the future.

He poured cold water on the suggestion it could look to move into energy drinks or alcohol, however.

“We probably wouldn’t jump into the energy drink category with products that have something like 300mg of caffeine in them,” he said. “And we probably would never get into alcohol as a brand. Our focus is on better-for-you and healthy beverages.”

Liquid Death’s still and sparkling flavoured waters are currently sold in Tesco, Nisa and Co-op stores.