Whole Dunx Range V2

Source: Livia’s

Each dip contains less than five ingredients and is plant-based, natural and gluten-free

Livia’s is to roll out the dip from its Dunx biscuit and dip snacks as a standalone product.

All three flavours of its Dunx Dips will be available to purchase in jars from 1 June. They are: Choco Hazel Twist, Caramel Almond Swirl and Maple Peanut Drizzle.

The dips each contain fewer than five ingredients, all of which are plant-based, natural and gluten-free. They will launch exclusively online (rsp: £5/225g).

Livia’s reported a 585% increase in online orders over the past two months compared with the previous two months and “thought there could be no better place to launch this new range than online”, said founder and CEO Olivia Wollenberg.

She added “conventionally we would always sell our new product to retail before announcing launches”.

The product launch had come off the back of “thousands” of requests from shoppers asking for the Dunx dips to be in jars, said Wollenberg.

Livia’s has also launched a Treat Taster selection box of products via its DTC website. The box contains one of each current Livia’s product, including Dunx, Nugglets and Million Squares, and fits through the letterbox (rsp: £13.99).

It follows a rebrand last month, which saw the brand take on a new slogan: ’we’re hungry for it all’. It rolled out new packaging across all lines, featuring a bigger brand logo and metallic sub-brand logos to “show the magic in the product itself”, said Livia’s.