Ribena Minis

Lucozade Ribena Suntory is launching Ribena Minis, an on-the-go range aimed at children, in packaging that features a category exclusive, according to the brand.

Rolling out from 22 August, the new line, which contains real fruit juice and has no added sugar, comes with a resealable cap promising ‘less spill, less mess’ by allowing liquid to be released only when the bottle is squeezed. It was developed following discussions between Ribena and parent focus groups that highlighted how “current drink products can create mess”.

Available in three variants – Brilliant Blackcurrant, Oh So Yum Orange and Amazing Apple & Mango – the NPD will be sold in multipacks (rsp: £2.99/8x200ml), with blackcurrant and apple & mango also in packs of 4x200ml (rsp: £1.99) and as single bottles (rsp: 85p/250ml).

The launch of Ribena Minis will be supported by a £2.5m spend focusing on outdoor, digital and sampling activity to demonstrate the functionality of the ‘innovative’ cap.

“Ribena Minis is a hugely exciting launch, especially in a category that has not seen a huge amount of innovation over recent years,” said the brand’s marketing manager, Jo Padwick.