lurpak infusions butter

Lurpak is having another stab at innovative butter with a range of infused spreads following the failure of its specialist Cook’s Range.

Lurpak Spreadable Infusions - a blend of butter and rapeseed oil with added herbs and spices - will be rolled out next month in Chilli & Lime, Smoked Chipotle, and Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn flavours (rsp: £1.25/115g), supported by a £2m push.

The range, which follows the launch of Tesco’s own-label range of savoury and sweet flavoured butters in October, had been developed to “redefine the role for spreadables amidst changing food preferences”, said brand manager Jordan O’Farrell. Infusions would be an “incremental purchase” and tap the growing demand for “new breads” such as wraps, pittas and flatbreads, he added.

The launch comes after brand owner Arla scrapped Lurpak’s specialist Cook’s Range - a cooking mist, cooking liquid, clarified butter and baking product - in July 2015 after just 17 months due to poor sales.

At the time, Arla admitted driving change in consumer habits was “really difficult”, but branding experts believe the company’s latest NPD has a better chance of success.

“The issue perhaps with the Cook’s Range was that the consumer benefit wasn’t significant or tangible enough versus standard alternatives,” said Alex Ririe, managing partner at design agency Coley Porter Bell. “Flavoured butters are a bit of a faff to make, so these new infused spreads will save time and add flavour.”