Meatsnacks Group has unveiled a new low-calorie meat snacking pot brand, called Krave.

The brand has launched with two SKUs - Szechuan Pepper & Ginger Salt Beef Jerky and Warm Chimichurri Beef Biltong - which it said would tap shoppers “looking for a more social foodie snack that delivers more in terms of flavour experience”.

The jerky is made from British and Irish beef silverside steak, while the biltong is made from grass-fed beef silverside.

Both contain fewer than 100 calories per 28g pot (90 and 78 respectively). They are billed as being high in protein and a “healthier” option (RSP: £1.99).

Research by the brand had “concluded there was space for a new category brand to increase category penetration and bring jerky and biltong to new positions in store”, said Meatsnacks Group MD James Newitt.